'LEI Worldwide' leading Irish LEI provider for January 2024

Published on 1 February, 2024
By LEI Worldwide


LEI Worldwide has carved out a sizeable portion of the global LEI market share in recent years, and based on the most recent figures from GLEIF, has grown into Ireland's largest homegrown LEI provider, with more than triple the number of LEIs being provided by other Irish LEI providers.

With a highly concentrated and niche client base in the Irish Financial Services and Funds sector, LEI Worldwide has differentiated itself from other RAs & providers by focusing on the management of LEIs, the health of an LEI portfolio, quality of the data and management system, via the feature rich platform RAMP outpacing many traditional LOUs. 
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The GLEIF release their monthly Data Quality reports, outlining the number of LEIs issued for that month, with statistics pertaining to specific LOUs and their performance. Using the GLEIF LEI Search tool, we can also search for LEIs issued within a date range, per jurisdiction, or try our LEI search tool here. 

LEIs are required in Ireland and for Irish entities trading under EU regulations such as MiFID 2, EMIR and a litany of other EU and global jurisdictional regulations. Many Irish entities such as pension schemes, funds, private companies need an LEI in order to actively participate in Capital Markets activities and comply with regulations.

In recent years Dublin has benefitted greatly from foreign investment, and is now a world leading tech and business city with 9/10 of the largest tech companies in the World having their EU headquarters based in Dublin.

As an Irish owned company with Headquarters in Dublin, LEI Worldwide thoroughly understand the LEI requirements of companies based in Ireland and have developed RAMP in collaboration with clients to meet needs specific to the Irish and EU Funds market.

A Year of Remarkable Growth ☘️

In 2022 & 2023, 'LEI Worldwide' experienced exceptional growth – it became Ireland's foremost LEI provider and catering to clients based not just in Ireland but globally.

The LEI system itself has grown to approximately 2.5 million LEIs registered since its inception, and its currently growing at a rate of roughly 20,000 new LEIs per month. 

Darragh Hayes, CEO of LEI Worldwide had this to say:

"This impressive growth can be attributed to 'LEI Worldwide's' commitment to excellence and its support teams deep understanding of the LEI ecosystem. Our growing partner programme which enables clients to whitelabel our LEI offering has been in development for a number of years, and is now gaining a lot of momentum with our clients.

Our APiFrame whitelabel and affiliate solution is what is driving a lot of our growth, along with the natural growth of the ecosystem and increasing regulations. In 2024 we will be expanding into new jurisdictions, and preparing our vLEI offering for Quarter 3."

The Legal Entity identifier RA model has been evolving since 2017, and RAs must adhere to a GLEIF compliance guidline protocol and be listed as an RA on the GLEIF website.

LEI Worldwide has fostered a strong sense of collaboration between its Irish client base, partner LOU RapidLEI UbiSecure, and various other organisations and charirites such as Irish Funds and Basis.Point, with recognition coming from nominations as a finalist in two National Irish FinTech awards this year and being listed in the 2024 RegTech100 list.

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