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    Lei search

    How to use the lei search tool?

    To conduct an LEI Search enter the company name or LEI number of any company in the search bar above.

    When you would like to find out more about a company, an LEI search will provide important data about the company, and most of all you will have faith that it is a real registered company and they are who they say they are.

    Alternatively, you may want to use the LEI Look Up to check the current status of your LEI record. It may be in need of annual renewal, or you may require it for a particular transaction and need to get a reminder of what your 20 digit LEI code is.

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    Lei search

    What does lei status mean?

    Conducting an LEI check will reveal the entity LEI Status. This will tell you whether the information contained within the record is likely to be valid or needs to be renewed. If the LEI code has not been renewed recently, it may contain outdated data.

    Issued The Lei is currently active, but will need to be renewed annually.

    Lapsed The LEI has expired and the data has not been renewed.

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    Lei search

    What information will the legal entity identifier search tool provide?

    The purpose of the Entity identifier is to provide standardised information of participants in the global financial system. The LEI was created to bring transparency around who is who and who owns whom.

    LEI Daa is reliable and up to date. The data contained on any LEI record includes:

    • Company registered name
    • Company number
    • Date of incorporation
    • Registered Address
    • Company Form (e.g. Limited Company)
    • Type (branch, corporation, sole trader)
    • Parental structure (e.g. Google owned Alphapbet)
    • Renewal date
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    Lei search

    Can the lei search 2.0 be used for kyc (know your customer)?

    The LEI finder can also be used to improve your organisations KYC processes. If you would like to add an extra layer of security to your KYC process, start using the LEI Look Up today.

    It is the perfect addition to any internal organisational process which involves identity checks. The tool is free to use and the data is global, reliable (corroborated with local RA sources) and updated daily!

    Regulators and financial institutions currently implement an LEI check as part of their KYC checks. A companies LEI verification allows the most vital data to be captured when onboarding new customers.

    A recent study conducted by McKinsey discovered that replacing current, outdated KYC techniques with a simple LEI check can save the global banking industry between $2 - 4 Billion US Dollars annually.

    With access to the LEI database, banks are able to identify trends and money laundering threats with more efficiency. Because of the global nature of the LEI system banks can put processes in place to block, intercept or alert authorities to suspected illegal activity.

    The GLEIF LEI Search 2.0 or alternatively our API powered LEI 2.0 search tool provides free and unlimited access to the global LEI database for regulators and market participants alike.

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    Lei search

    LEI Watchlist

    The LEI watchlist can be used to easily track relevant or group LEIs and receive notifications on their renewal dates. Simply navigate the Legal Entity Identifier search, or complete an LEI check up to find an LEI you are looking for, and click on “Add LEI to watchlist”. Please note you must be logged into your RAMP account in order to access the LEI Watchlist.

    The LEI Watchlist can be used in conjunction with the LEI Look Up tool in order to easily add LEIs into a dashboard. If you have LEIs with other providers,, or too many LEIs and not sure where they are being managed, or want to ensure your clients LEIs are active, simply add the Legal Entity Identifiers to your watchlist for greater oversight, and throw away the outdated spreadsheets, the LEI watchlist is your new, free to use LEI tracking tool!

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    Lei search


    An LEI check up is the process of searching for an LEI on the LEI finder and using the live data contained within that record to cross match with your internal records, validate the identity of a client or vendor, or check if an LEI needs to be renewed. There are many reasons you may want to conduct an LEI check up and the LEI search tool can be used for most.

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    Lei search


    If you have conducted an LEI Search using the lookup tool and it has produced too many results you can behind filtering the search results. First of all the LEI Search will offer a secondary search, whereby you can conduct a more particular sub-search, within a main primary search.

    For example if I search for FUND, the LEI look-up returns over 6,743 pages of results with 15 Legal Entity Identifiers on each page. To narrow this down you will be prompted to search again, within those results. To search within the search, just enter a relevant term such as UMBRELLA into the secondary search. This should narrow it down, the more keywords you can enter the more precise the LEI finder will be.

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    Lei search


    If you are using the LEI search results and are only interested in results from a particular country you can use the country filter to filter, and sort LEIs alphabetically by country/jurisdiction. The LEI Lookup uses the ISO country code e.g GB for Great Britian. If you are unsure of the country code you require you can find this online.

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    Lei search

    We are here to help…

    If you are having trouble locating a particular entity, or finding out about their LEI code, or perhaps cannot find your own LEI code please contact us. ​Our team are very experienced in navigating the LEI database and will be happy to help you conduct KYC checks free of charge.