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  • LEI Transfer - Additional Information

    If you wish to renew with LEI Worldwide, but the LEI is not managed by Ubisecure RapidLEI, you will first need to transfer the LEI to RapidLEI management.

    How to complete an LEI Transfer

    • To transfer an LEI ensure you are logged in to your account

    • Complete relevant fields as required e.g entity name, jurisdiction etc

    • Enter name of Authorised Signatory (the LoA will be signed by this person)

    • Choose company ownership details to be reported

    • Choose package (1 to 5 years)

    • Accept Ts & Cs and proceed to checkout

    • An LoA will be issued. Please sign

    • Transfer will be completed within 7 working days and confirmation will arrive via email

  • What is an LEI Transfer?

    An LEI transfer is the act of moving an LEI from one LEI issuer to another, and can be done through the medium of a Registration Agent such as LEI Worldwide. An LEI transfer is separate to an LEI Renewal, as a renewal can only take place once an LEI is currently under our management. Before an external LEI can be renewed it must be transferred.

    An LEI transfer may take up to 7 days to complete, as both sides must confirm the transfer. However, if both sides confirm quickly it is often done much faster.

  • Why should I transfer an LEI?

    There are many reasons to transfer an LEI. One may have a personal preference of LEI providers. This might be due to the management system quality, customer support service or pricing. Another reason to consider transferring an LEI could be to consolidate LEIs into one account, rather than having LEIs spread out amongst various providers.

  • How much does it cost to transfer an LEI?

    An LEI transfer in itself is free. However we strongly recommend renewing an LEI upon transfer and the standard costs of renewing an LEI will apply. This is because the data contained within the LEI record was approved by the previous LEI issuer, and we would like to re-verify this to ensure 1005 accuracy. LEI data quality is something we pride ourselves on.

    We can arrange to have a recently renewed LEI transfer for free, on a case by case basis and pending inspection. Please contact us directly.

  • How can I transfer all my LEIs (bulk transfer)?

    In order to transfer a large portfolio of LEIs which may be with one or more other LEI providers, you can easily transfer all in one step. Please download the bulk .xlxs file above and submit to [email protected] with the LEIs listed in the first column. We will take care of the rest!

  • How to use the Watchlist to complete a bulk transfer

    We have a very useful tool called the LEI watchlist. Please ensure you are firstly logged into your RAMP account, or create a new one. Simply navigate to the LEI Search tool and add your LEIs to your watchlist by clicking the star icon.

    Once you have filled your watchlist with your LEIs that are currently with another provider, click the button on the top right labeled ‘Transfer my Watchlist to LEI Worldwide’. We will be in touch within an hour to help you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

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