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    Is the legal entity owned by another legal entity? (Controlling share, typically > 50% shareholding)

    Is the legal entity controlled by only Private Individuals? (Natural Persons)?

    Does the legal entity consolidate financial statements into the controlling legal entity?

    Do you want to report this relationship to LEI?

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  • LEI Registration - Additional Information

    How to apply for a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) using RAMP

    • Please enter company name
      or number

    • Choose country or jurisdiction

    • Click "CONTINUE"

    • Select your entity from the dropdown menu. If it does not appear click "MANUAL ENTRY"

    • Enter your contact details and the name of the authorised signatory, usually a director or CEO

    • Choose your package options, and how many years you would like the LEI for, then proceed to payment and checkout

    • Your application is complete and in 99% of cases you will receive your LEI within the hour

  • How long does it take to get an LEI?

    The LEI timeframe can vary depending on a number of factors, including entity type, jurisdiction and volume of requests at the same time. In order to speed up the process select LEI fast-track during checkout for priority service.

    Please also ensure the application is filled out as accurately as possible, as an data discrepancies will need to be corrected before an LEI can be issued. 90% of LEIs are issued between 1-6 hours and some third countries may take up to 24 hours.

    Confirmation: Once a LEI has been issued you will receive confirmation immediately via email. This will contain your LEI and further instructions to managing and renewing the LEI number.

    Monitoring: Once issued, the LEI will be published on the publicly available LEI index. This is a live data feed and will be monitored by our team. If any data changes occur, or the LEI has any issues you will be alerted via the contact details provided.

    Renewing the LEI: An LEI can be renewed 60 days from its annual renewal date. LEI Renewal reminders will be issued automatically to each account member 60, 30, 15 and 1 day before the renewal date arrives. This reminder will contain a link to renew the LEI code directly.

  • Parent company information and ownership details.

    The LEI application asks a couple of questions on parent company information and data. Please note providing parent company and organizational structure information is not mandatory and if you would choose to not report a parent you can select a reason for non reporting e.g legal obstacles.

    In order to report a parent please note that you must meet the following criteria:
    • Parent owns 50%+ of the child entity
    • Must provide evidence of the relationship by way of ‘consolidated accounts’ only
    • Differentiate as to whether it is a Direct or Ultimate Parent
    How much does an LEI cost?

    The price of a new LEI is based on the number of years and package selected. Please contact for bulk order or volume based discount pricing. The below pricing is in Euro, alternative currencies are equivalent, although may vary due to currency rate fluctuations.

    • 1 year


    • 3 year


    • 5 year


  • What is included in the price?

    • RAMP LEI Management System
    • Confirmation package and annual renewal reminders
    • GLEIF fee included
    • Necessary searches conducted against your LEI
    • Company Listed on Global LEI Index
    • Free & unlimited updates to LEI
    • Priority support
    • LEI monitoring & maintenance
    • Multi-user access
    • Fast 24/7 LEI renewals & issuance
    • Full global coverage

    24 hour contactable registration team and LEI confirmations. In the case of urgent registrations we provide 'SAME DAY' 24 hour LEI confirmations for our clients.

  • Payment Options and instructions

    Choose a payment method which suits your requirements. Our payments system is fully integrated with Stripe payment API. This supports card payment with an invoice option for wire transfer. Please note; to avoid any delays with your order, or if it is an urgent requirement, select the card method to avoid any unnecessary delays.

  • What information do I need to provide to obtain an LEI Code?

    During the application form you will be requested to provide the following, so please have this information ready:

    • Name of Legal Entity that is applying for an LEI
    • Legal address
    • Company ownership structure
    • Name of the authorised person within the company
    • Company validation documents e.g Certificate of Incorporation, or equivalent.
    • Company creation date
    • Entity type e.g ‘Fund’
  • Who can apply for an LEI?

    Please note that with full global coverage, you can apply for an LEI for any legal entity with LEI Worldwide.

    This includes and is not limited to:
    • Limited companies
    • Subsidiaries, branch offices and parent entities
    • Funds and fund structures
    • Trusts, charities and non-profits
    • Government bodies and NGOs
    • Any registered sole trader/sole proprietor
    • Registered partnerships

    An individual person may not apply for an LEI. The LEI is an organisational identity only.

  • Can I apply for an LEI on behalf of a client, or somebody else.

    Yes, you can apply for LEIs on behalf of your clients or another individual. Please note we may request a written signature of authorisation from the individual.

    If you are redistributing LEIs to your clients please contact us at [email protected] to find out more about our partnership programme and avail of special discounted rates.

  • Some terms to become familiar with:

    • Name of Legal Entity that is applying for an LEI:

      This refers to the entity applying for the LEI. It is not the name of the person applying, or the name of the company the applying person works for. It is the name of the entity which requires an LEI code.

    • Country of Foundation:

      This refers to the country the entity is registered in.

    • Company Registration Authority:

      Where in the above country is the entity registered. For example Companies House UK, CRO Ireland, Secretary of State USA.

    • Registration ID:

      What is the company number with the above authority. This could be an Employer Identification Number (EIN), or Tax Identification Number (TIN).

    • Legal Form:

      What type of legal entity is this? For example it could be a limited company, LLC, fund, trust or pension scheme.

    • Name of Authorised signatory:

      Please nominate a natural person who has the authority to sign on behalf of the legal entity. This cannot be another company, job title or N/A. Please provide the legal representative of the company. This can be a third party if proof of authorisation is provided.

    • Is your company owned by another legal entity?:

      Please advise the group structure. If yes, please provide a set of consolidated accounts for evidence of the relationship.

    • Natural Persons:

      If there is no parent company, please choose natural person.

    • Non Consolidating:

      There is no parent with consolidated accounts choose this option. This may be because the company is controlled by legal entities who do not provide consolidated accounts.

    • No Known Person:

      If there is no known owner of the entity because of diversified shareholding, for example.

    • Consent Not Obtained:

      The consolidated accounts or parent relationship cannot be reported because consent has not been obtained.

    • Supporting documents:

      This refers to the documents used to verify your company legal details. This can be a certificate of incumbency, memorandum of association or equivalent document.

  • What documents do I need to provide to obtain an LEI, and why?

    In order to obtain an LEI you may be requested to provide certain documents. The information required to receive an LEI will be easily accessed by a member of your organisation, especially somebody in the head office.

    You will need to show the following information:​

    • Registered name of the Legal Entity
    • Registered address
    • Country of formation​
    • Company registration number
    • Company Director

    Examples of such documents are different for each country or State, but include a Certificate of Incumbency, Articles of Association, Trade License, registry extract or company extract, Register of Directors, Company Constitution etc.

  • How to apply for a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) using RAMP

    How to get an LEI Certificate

    An LEI Certificate is a downloadable, printable evidence of your status as a registered legal entity. It contains relevant information about your company and successful LEI registration status.

    The LEI Certificate allows you to provide a hard copy of your LEI in PDF format to your bank or financial institution.

    The benefits of being able to prove your identity globally, in a single document are immeasurable.

    Previously, this was done by providing your Certificate of Incorporation, or registry extract but this is not recognised in foreign countries – LEI Certificate is global.

    You can apply for your LEI Certificate here
  • What is automatic renewal?

    As LEIs require annual renewal, and renewing an LEI isd a vital component of any regulated financial transaction ensuring it does not expire is often critical. By selecting automatic annual renewal, the LEI renewal will be automatically triggered by our system 30 days prior to its renewal.

    The card details will be securely stored on Stripe and automatically deducted the annual renewal fee. You will receive notification reminders and invoices via email.

  • Should I choose a 1, 3 or 5 year LEI?

    In an effort to reduce the annual task of renewing an LEI, we have introduced the multi-year LEI concept to our services. This allows you to register an LEI for up to 5 years. In many cases, and entity may only require an LEI for one year. However, in the case of an entity with a longer lifespan it is advised to register your LEI for up to 5 years.

    Please note, the LEI renewal date will never show less than 1 year. This is because the LEI is required to be renewed every year. However, by choosing the 5 year, our system will trigger a renewal 60 days prior to the annual renewal date annually for the duration of the 5 years.

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